How time flies

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Wow, my four days off have disappeared very quickly. They were very “productive”…I was able to sleep in, take pictures and read (both for pleasure and catch-up on some reading for work), while still having time to sort, process and upload pictures to the web.

In the last Cayman Islands’ camera club, Paul Aiken, a new club member and an accomplished photographer strongly recommended that members start uploading their pictures to Flickr for others to comment on. He believes, and I agree, that one only improves when they receive feedback. As I researched Flickr, I found a number of groups that hold “contests”. I joined two: fotocompetition and challenge you. While neither of these verbally provide you with direct feedback, you quickly learn whether your picture is liked and by how many when the voting starts.

Let me forewarn you, this becomes very addicted for us competitive types 😉 I have had a few winners, including:

It's a hard life.


The Moon

And yes, I have managed to play with the 5D Mark II:

Palm Tree (Close up)

Play time

The last picture was taken at a private residence which must have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on Christmas displays and lights. I have more pictures here.

My new 5D Mark II has arrived

Dec 25, 2008   //   by Richard   //   Photography  //  Comments Off on My new 5D Mark II has arrived

I was absolutely amazed this morning when I was handed a courier package with my new Canon 5D Mark II camera. This was my Christmas gift that I had all but given up hope that I would receive before Christmas. My colleagues were laughing at me as I ripped into the box to pull out the battery and start charging it.

I am not sure who was more excited that I received the camera, Brigitte or myself. No, its not like Brigitte and I will be fighting over who will be using the camera as photography has not been one of her hobbies. She was happy because she know how much I was looking forward to playing with it over the Christmas holidays. What I did find very promising was that she and Miriam were out today with our Canon 30D taking pictures. Brigitte later advised me that she has laid claims to the 30D 🙂

When I showed the camera to Brigitte she noted that it looked very similar to the 30D. When we put the two cameras together she was correct, at first blush there was not a significant difference in appearance. The major differences relate to weight (5D is a little heavy) and the LCD is bigger. However, as they say…never judge a book by its cover. The LCD is absolutely wonderful, as is the ability to adjust each lens using the AF Microadjustments. In my opinion this feature in itself is worth the camera as my Canon 85 f/1.2 L was back focusing. With a calibration of +6, done in a few minutes the lens was providing absolutely stunning pictures. I highly recommend reading this article if you would like to micro adjust any of your lens with the 5D MII, 1Ds MIII or 1D MIII.

I will post later this week some pictures taken with the new camera later. In the meantime, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Photographing a Cayman Island beach wedding

Dec 6, 2008   //   by Richard   //   Photography  //  Comments Off on Photographing a Cayman Island beach wedding

The Wedding rings

Last weekend I was fortunate to photograph a beach wedding in the Cayman Islands. Haydee approached me asking if I would like to be their wedding photographer. I was quite honored and immediately accepted. However, prior to the wedding I was quite nervous. I had never shot a beach wedding before and if you have ever tried to shoot individuals wearing white against a bright beach background, you will know why I was nervous.

I thought it would be really nice if I photographed Haydee and Eric sitting on the shore while I waded into the ocean. I had the angles worked out and was originally planning on only wadding in. But while I was in the water I saw different angles that I wanted to take which meant going further and further into the ocean. I really didn’t mind as I could always change my pants. Unfortunately, what I forgot to do was empty my pockets. I had a Sandisk flash card with a number of wedding photos on it. The card barely got wet, but it was enough for it not to work. What a rookie mistake, but one that I can guarantee that I will never make again. Fortunately, after the card dried out, I was able to retrieve all but three pictures from the card.

Sitting on the Iron Shore

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the pictures and was touched by the reaction I received when Haydee, Eric and their families viewed the slide slow I produced.

Congratulations, Haydee and Eric and thank you for including me in your special day.

On the Balcony

If you like to see additional pictures of Haydee and Eric’s wedding, please click here.

Pirates Week – 2008

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Yesterday was the 31st annual Pirates Week here on Grand Cayman. Due to hurricane Paloma, it was postponed and condensed into Pirates Day, but it was still referred to as Pirates Week. Brigitte and I thoroughly enjoyed the festival. It started with the 2nd annual boat races sponsored by Caybrew.

Mr. Pirate

Contestants were allowed to only make the boats from cardboard, duct tape and paint. A lot of work went into the boats and costumes.

A Cardboard Boat

This was my first cardboard boat race, and I was amazed how many of them completed the course. There was even a team from Japan with a film crew making a movie. Unfortunately, their boat did not do so well, but their tenacity certainly made up for it and they can hold their heads high as they pushed, pulled and dragged their boat around the course.

And They Are Off ... Maybe Not

The day was packed full of activities including dancing, pageants, a parade, pirate costume competition, songfest, and one of the best display of fireworks that I have seen. If you are looking for a fun filled festival, I highly recommend visiting Grand Cayman during next year’s Pirates Week.

2008 Pirates Week Fireworks

For additional pictures of Pirates week, please click here

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