Testing the smoke detector

Nov 10, 2008   //   by Richard   //   General  //  Comments Off on Testing the smoke detector

I swear that time here in the Caribbean moves faster than in Canada. As with most days, today just flew by. As a matter of fact, it is hard to believe that my family and I moved down here over three months ago. We have been so busy with work, school and volunteering.

Today Brigitte (my wife) and I took a drive to the ocean. When we asked our daughter (my step-daughter) to join us, her exact words were “are you planning on getting out of the vehicle? If so, I cannot go because I cannot be seen with my parents.” Ah, the teenage years where parents become two headed monsters that know nothing and embarrass their children if they are seen in public with them. Alas, she did not accompany us.

There is actually very little damage on this side of Grand Cayman. We saw a couple of downed trees, but that was the extent of it. The waves were not nearly as high as I was hoping. But we did get to watch the unloading and loading a Seaboard cargo ship.

Seaboard loading

Upon arriving at home Brigitte decided to test the monitored smoke detector. Who actually tests a smoke detector you ask?…One who does it by burning dinner ;-). Just for the record, there are easier ways of testing. Even Max (our two year old German Shepherd Dog) had his nose plastered to the window screen taking in as much fresh air as he could.

Today I installed a slide show feed from my photos.richardhamiltonphotography.com website hosted on Zenfolio.com. I have to thank Kalani who had a site at blog.wanderlusttraveler.net/2008/05/zenfolio-and-unified-photostream-using.html (update: it appears to be no longer in operation) who provided a method of pulling pictures from Zenfolio. It is actually quite hard to find information on how to include pictures from Zenfolio as most of it revolves around Flickr. I made two modifications to Kalani’s suggestions: 1. I found that I did not have to publish my Yahoo Pipe; and 2. I was able to obtain a RSS feed directly from the Yahoo Pipes once I ran it. This saved me the step of using feedburner.

Well that’s it for another day. Until next time.


My First Post

Nov 9, 2008   //   by Richard   //   General  //  Comments Off on My First Post

Welcome to my first post. As I was writing this I was wondering if anyone will ever read this. I therefore thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave me a comment.

I think it is only fitting to tell you a little about myself. I am a Canadian (born and raised) who moved to the Cayman Islands this past summer to experience Island life and work. In regards to Island life, we just just experienced Hurricane Paloma as it passed by as a Category 3. Although Grand Cayman (where we are located) fared quite well, we lost another tree (we are batting 1000 as we lost a tree in the last Hurricane). Here are a couple pictures of the Olive tree that we lost last night:

Paloma Damage 1

Paloma Damage 2

I am originally from Canada where most root systems from the trees dig deep into the ground. Here on the Island, the root system fans out as the Island is more or less one big rock. Here is a picture of the tree after its “haircut”:

Paloma Hair cut

Enough about trees and hurricane damage. Enquiringly minds want to know…why should you come back? What can you expect from the Blog? In future blogs I will:

  • talk about my life as an expat living and working in the Cayman Islands;
  • tell you more about me;
  • discuss photography and post new pictures; and
  • the odd rant (not that the rant will be odd, OK maybe some will think so, but I was thinking more along the lines of infrequent :-).

It has been a pleasure.