Content is growing

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As a result of a decision to consolidate and simplify our blogs, you will find that our content at K9xMedia has grown exponentially over night. ūüôā Going forward, our blog at K9xMedia will focus on three main areas: Translations, Photography and Information Technology (IT). Matters which involve accounting, bankruptcy, finance, insurance and taxation will now be discussed at our new blog located at

For your convenience, you can read, in chronological order, our K9xMedia blog posts by clicking on the “Blog” menu at the very top of each page. You also now have the option to sort the posts related to each of the three main areas identified above, by moving your cursor over the Blog menu at the very top of the page and then clicking on the area of your choice. We have also added a “General” area which will include all discussions not related to the main divisions (i.e. like this post). If you would like to view our photo blog at, we have included a link under the Blog menu.

We hope you like the latest changes and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced if you arrived here when you were trying to reach one of our other blogs that are now consolidated within K9xMedia. You comments are always welcomed.

All the best,

September 2011 – What to do

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In the comfort of my home at approximately 3:00 a.m., on 31 August 2011, I federally incorporated K9xMedia Corp (Oh how I love the internet).¬† Okay, maybe it wasn’t the most comfortable as I was working on an old office chair and table as our belongings had still not arrived from the Cayman Islands.¬† Nevertheless, it was an exciting time and felt good to finally have the corporation formed.¬† Of course, that was the easy part…the next part was to have it registered in Manitoba to do business (which I had to do in person) and decide exactly what K9xMedia Corp. would be doing.¬† My original idea was for the corporation to focus on building mobile apps.¬† But having researched and considered the matter, it became apparent that it would be beneficial if the corporation was diversified (translation…it could take quite a while to make money developing apps).¬† Therefore, we decided to create two divisions:

1. K9xTranslations – Which would be headed up by my wife, Brigitte, and would specialize in German to English translations for the legal and financial industry; and

2. Richard Hamilton Photography – For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed photography and saw this as an opportunity to monetize my hobby and turn it into a business.

Effective 30 September 2011, K9xMedia Corp. and its divisions were registered to operate in Manitoba. We also decided that the app development would take a back seat until the other divisions were up and running.

On the personal side, in September our belongings arrived safe and sound from the Cayman Islands.  If you are moving from the Cayman Islands, I would highly recommend Miracle Brokers.  They were by far the best moving company I have dealt with in a very long time.  Everyone was extremely professional and they wrapped and packed all of our belongings with the greatest of care.

Further to my last post, we purchased a house, built in 2010, with a walk-out basement situated on a retention pond in Winnipeg.  Since the original owners did not develop the backyard, we planned to do so shortly after we moved in.  Therefore, in September I designed a plan and began overseeing a number of great contractors who built a raised deck, stone patio, landscaping (including an in-ground sprinkler system) and black chain-link fencing.  The yard work was completed in October and turned out beautifully. We recommend the following companies:

Until next time, take care,


August 2011 – From the Cayman Islands to Canada

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Snowfall in Winnipeg¬†As I look out this morning and see the blanket of fresh white snow we received over night, I thought it would be a great time to write a post.¬† In fact, over the next couple of posts I would like to update you on what we have accomplished since I last wrote.¬† Today’s post looks back at August 2011 which was an amazing month culminating in the incorporation of K9xMedia Corp.!¬† While choosing a time to move away from the Cayman Islands to return to Canada is never easy, we knew that we had to be back before the beginning of September to enable us to choose a high school for my step-daughter to attend.¬† Therefore, we decided to leave in August during which time my family and I…

  • sold our house and Jeep in the Cayman Islands and moved back to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada;
  • planned and finalized travel plans from the Cayman Islands to Winnipeg for my family¬†including Max (our 80 lb¬†German Shepherd Dog).¬†¬†If you have never tried to fly during the summer with a dog, DON’T!¬† If you have tried, you have my sympathies.¬† It took as a week to arrange his flight and even then we were at the mercy of the weather,¬†as most airlines will refuse to accept a dog in the summer and those that do will refuse to take him if the¬†temperature for the day (anywhere along your route) is forecasted to exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • arranged and oversaw the loading of our personal belongings into a 20′ container which was a little delayed in arriving in Canada as hurricane¬†Irene decided to play a little havoc with the ship carrying our container;
  • purchased a new house in Winnipeg.¬† A big thank you goes out to my parents and Mr. Ed Bjorklund from Sutton-Kilkenny Realty who viewed numerous houses on our behalf and provided us with detailed reports and photos to allow us to purchase our new house over the internet without seeing it in person.¬† If you are looking for a realtor,¬† we highly recommend that you call Ed¬† (204.475.9130) who is one of the best realtors in Winnipeg.¬† He will look after you like no other;
  • factory ordered a new vehicle Jeep¬†Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon upon arriving back¬†in Canada. If you are looking at purchasing a vehicle in Winnipeg, we highly recommend¬†that you speak with Richard McClain and Robert Grancich¬†of Eastern Chrysler at 1900 Main Street (204.339.2011).¬† They provided us with a great price and service; and
  • obtained our Manitoba Driver’s licenses…which required that Brigitte and myself be retested because we were out of Manitoba for more than four years, notwithstanding that we had been driving for almost 30 years!

With K9xMedia Corp. incorporated, we turned our attention to how it will be structured and its activities.  More about that in my next post when I discuss September 2011.

Until next time, take care,


A new beginning

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Apps – there seems to be an app for everything, and if there‚Äôs not, one can usually be developed. Apps are great and I wonder how we survived for so long without them. ūüôā Seriously, I use apps for everything and in fact, notwithstanding that there are over a half of billion apps in the Apple App Store and the numbers of apps in the Google Market are growing exponentially, I have founded K9xMedia to develop apps for Android, iPhones and iPads.

So why did I start K9xMedia and more importantly why am I blogging about it now?  Shouldn’t I be keeping this all a secret until I develop an app or two?  Yes, that certainly seems to be the way most people do it.  However, K9xMedia is about more than developing apps, it is also about sharing and helping.  While I founded K9xMedia because I love apps and see a business opportunity in developing apps, I plan on sharing my journey through the world of app development.  I will be writing about what I am doing, how I am doing it, and the trials and tribulations along the way to what I hope will be a successful app development business.

So sit back, enjoy the ride, and please
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and share your comments and thoughts on what promises to be an exciting ride.

Until next time,


Hello world!

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Welcome to K9xMedia and thank you for visiting.  This site is currently under construction.