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Interview with Brett Slatkin at Foo 2012 discussing why end users should own their own content and use the social networks to engage their audience.

I recently watched an interview with Mr. Brett Slatkin, Engineering lead of Google Consumer Surveys, in which Brett explains that he has only recently opened a Twitter account. He has been hopeful that he would be able to tweet from his own blog without having to be part of another service…the idea being that there would be this “decentralized social web that my node could be a participant of, just like email”. He goes on to explain that “social networking is not like that, Facebook accounts cannot talk to MySpace accounts and there is this real inter-operability problem”. He has worked for years to try to find a solution and it just hasn’t worked.

He started looking at it from the “other side”, in other words looking at it from the end user. He explains that end users need to understand why it is important to run their own website and own their own content. He thinks the end user should publish from their own blog so they are in control of how their content is accessed, how it is monetized, how it is packaged. He acknowledges that if you do this, you lose “engagement”. The new thought now is “to publish from your own site, but use all of these great social networks like Twitter, Tumbler and Facebook, to connect with your audience to boost engagement and to get as much reach as you possibly can.” If you would like to see this interview, the relevant part starts around 53 seconds: Brett Slatkin’s interview at Foo 2012.

Brett’s comments made me really stop and think. I find that I post signficantly more on Twitter and Google+ than I do on my own sites. As a result, for anyone looking at my sites, you do not see the content that I am posting. Furthermore, if anything happens to my social accounts, I loose that content. Therefore, taking to heart what Brett said, I am going to try to first post on my sites and then use the social sites to engage and expand my audience. This will also require a bit of a change in mindset for me, as I will have to be okay with posting smaller posts and not feel that I need to write 400+ words for each post.

So what do you think, do you agree with Brett’s assessment and more importantly, will you change how you use social media?

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