Copyright Rulings from the Supreme Court of Canada

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Today (July 12, 2012) Mr. Michael Geist wrote an excellent article in which he discusses the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in two of five copyright cases that they heard in December 2011.

Mr. Geist advises that “It will obviously take some time to digest these decisions, but the clear takeaway is that the court has delivered an undisputed win for fair dealing that has positive implications for education and innovation, while striking a serious blow to copyright collectives such as Access Copyright.”. He further states that“Led by Justice Abella, the court has reaffirmed that fair dealing is a user’s right that must be interpreted in a broad and liberal manner. In fact, the court provides further guidance on interpreting fair dealing with an emphasis on the need for a flexible, technology-neutral approach.”

I highly recommend that you read the full article.

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