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Gamestorming provides a great collection of games to assist a group in approaching and resolving challenges.

The book is setup into three major areas:

1. Explanation of Gamestorming – For those that would like to understand gamestorming and how it can assist your organization, the first three chapters provide you with all the details that you will want to know (and then some) about games, the essentials for gamestorming and the core gamestorming skills. I also think these chapters are essential reading for anyone who will be overseeing a gamestorming session;

2. The Games – The following four chapters provide you with approximately 90 games that you could jump right into. Each game stands on its own and you are therefore free to pick and choose the games for your particular situation. I was very impressed with the amount of information and explanation that the authors provided. For example, for each game they discussed: Object of Play; Number of Players; Duration of Play; How to Play; and Strategy; and

3. Putting Gamestorm to Work – This was my favorite chapter. They discussed a real-life example of how a group used gamestorming to consider solutions to a specific problem, including the games played, the outcomes and the benefits to the group.

I recommend Gamestorming to everyone who is looking for alternatives to help their organization “solve complex problems through collaborative play”. To purchase this book or to obtain additional information click here:

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