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Dec 30, 2009   //   by Richard   //   Photography  //  Comments Off on Viewed 1000 times

In early June of 2009 I set a goal for myself to produce a photo that would be viewed at least 1000 times on my Flickr account. As with any good goal I also included a deadline…the end of 2009. I then proceeded to break my collarbone and stopped shooting. Fortunately, in mid-June I participated in the first assignment of the Book Camp II with a head shot of Suzy and myself floating in a swimming pool. I am very excited to write that the photo, which I have enclosed below, was viewed today for the 1000th time on Flickr!

Headshots of Suzy and Richard for the Strobist Boot Camp II

I would like to thank everyone who viewed the photo, and pay special thanks to those who left their comments.


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