Solution to Blank Pages in Zinio Reader

Dec 26, 2009   //   by Richard   //   IT  //  Comments Off on Solution to Blank Pages in Zinio Reader

As a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (“NAPP”), I have a subscription to the Photoshop magazine. They provide a digital copy of their magazine through who provides the free Zinio Reader which allows one to read the magazine on the desktop.

Today I updated the Windows (Vista) video drivers and the ATI Catalyst Control Center on my laptop only to find out that I could no longer read my magazines in the Zinio Reader. It was only showing blue lines on blank pages where the content was suppose to be.

If you have used Zinio, you will know that their help area is greatly lacking. The solution? It turns out that you must check the boxes “Use application settings” in the Anti-Aliasing section in the Catalyst Control Center (Graphics -> 3D -> All). Hope this helps you if you experience the same issue.

Aside: If use use Photoshop and are not a member of the NAPP, I strongly urge you to consider joining. The Photoshop magazine is one of the many benefits that you will receive from NAPP.

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